Atelier Vladimir

My name is Vladimir Nećakov and I am a licensed Architectural Engineer in the Netherlands and Greece, with specialization in BIM and architectural visualization.

Vladimir Necakov


Developing design ideas through sketches, architectural drawings, building schedules, design specifications and digital visualizations.


Providing advice regarding objectives, budget and any specific requirements about designing residential and commercial spaces.


Accustomed to BIM while creating design solutions and project documentation in order to get a building license from a local municipality

Visual fine art

Producing visually appealing works of fine art: 3D modeling and rendering, VR and AR experiences for commercial purpose, art paintings, printings and sculptures.


Private residences, Amsterdam, Belgrade; Water yacht ports, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Druten; Gamma Stores, Eersel, Enscheded, Veenendaal; Geert Benders Store, Venlo; Lidl Store, Halsteren Nijverheidsweg; Mercedes Benz showrooms, Zwolle, Nijmegen, Lichtenvoorde, Hardewijk; Rewe stores, Weil am Rhein, München; Teeez Shop in Shop, Scarborough, Toronto; Vogel’s TV holders Shop in Shop; April Gourmet Store, Shanghai; Xenos Store, Amsterdam; LNKO Restaurants, Athens; H&M Department Stores, Thessaloniki, Athens; Hotel MANTILA, Karpathos, Greece; Youth Hostel, Syntagma, Athens;

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